New legal guidance service launched


The rapid evolution of regulations, the recognition that step by step are getting in favor of patients and professionals who care for them, the greater protection of disability in general, of that condition that creates a disadvantage in those who are carriers compared to the healthy individual, are increasingly emerging fragility and difficulty in dealing with certain situations, even against the institutions, which in some individuals, sometimes, are configured as ‘insurmountable’.

Based on these considerations and in an absolutely liberal and collaborative spirit ITALF now offers a ‘service’ new, a ‘legal desk’, open to all members and ‘sympathizers’, with which to provide qualified support in case of need.

The lawyer Maria Teresa Santangelo, expert in the fields of ‘social fragility’ and Handicap makes available his experience to respond in the most effective terms to any problems that may arise both in favor of patients and their families.

We hope that this initiative will be useful and we wish the lawyer good work.

                                                                                        The President ITALF

                                                                                     Dr. Sandro Michelini