JOINT SYMPOSIUM SIAPAV- ITALF in collaboration with the Regional Section SIAPAV Apulo-Lucana


During the next congress XLII NATIONAL CONGRESS SIAPAV 

there will be a session for a JOINT SIAPAV- ITALF SYMPOSIUM in collaboration with the SIAPAV Apulo-Lucana Regional Section.


President: C. ALLEGRA (Rome)
Moderators: M. DE FRANCESCO (Matera), S. MICHELINI (Rome)

  • Recommended and controlled exercise in the claudicant: when and how? –M.M. De Francesco
  • Thermal rehabilitation in vascular acrosyndromes –S. Bilancini
  • Complex rehabilitation treatment in the patient with advanced lymphedema – S. Michelini
  • Relationships between gait biomechanics alterations and phlebo-lymphatic disorders –A. Galeandro
  • Foot-diabetes relationship – F. Romagnoli