The Spanish Group of Lymphology is born


Dear colleague:

As President of the Spanish Lymphology Group, I am pleased to announce that the Spanish Lymphology Group (GEL) is already in operation and I would like to invite you to participate actively in it.

The Grupo Español de Linfología (GEL) is an association founded by rehabilitation doctors but open to different medical and health specialists interested in lymphatic pathology. It aims to be an association open to all professionals involved in Lymphology in order to unite effort and knowledge so that our activity reaches all patients equally.

The vocation of GEL arises with the aim of collaborating in research, development and dissemination of advances in lymphatic pathology, as well as fostering relationships with other medical-health societies internationally.

Both the members of the Board and I are very excited about this project, which is very necessary to share knowledge in Lymphology. and have a forum for debate and a multidisciplinary meeting point, following the European and International Societies models. We are very grateful for your participation.

Kind regards,

Isabel Forner-Cordero