Request to the Italian Agency for Medicinal Products Authorization Area


Subject: Extension of AIFA Note 92 (AIFA Determination 24/05/12) to cases of recurrent lymphangitis and erysipelas in patients with primary or secondary lymphedema.

Dear Agency,
Some patients with primary or secondary lymphedema present recurrent episodes of erysipelas or acute bacterial lymphangitis (which often, incongruously, are even admitted as acute cases). In these cases, as shown by international literature and the Consensus Document of the International Society of Lymphology, as well as by the guidelines of the main scientific societies involved in the problem, prophylaxis with benzyl penicillin benzatin (1,200,000 I.U. or 2,400,000 I.U. every 20 days for at least 6 months) is particularly effective in the prevention of clinical relapses, also leading to an overall saving in health care costs (less antibiotics in acute cases, less emergency room visits, less hospitalization).
In relation to the above, we request, as in Object, the extension of the AIFA 92 note to patients who present episodes of acute lymphangitis and erysipelas, already suffering from primary or secondary lymphedema. o.

Here is a copy of Letter  Nota AIFA 92