Magi Scientific Meeting: Genetics at the service of clinicians, biochemists, but most importantly, patients.


Magi Scientific Meeting: Genetics at the service of clinicians, biochemists, but most importantly, patients.

San Felice del benaco 28 and 29 May 2021

At Magi we proceed quickly and with great attention to emerging clinical problems. This time we debated and, above all, we planned next important studies, on the basis of the elaboration of copious data provided by clinicians and processed by the various experts constituting this prepared and industrious TEAM of researchers.

In the presence of the clinicians Aquilanti (of the Bariatric Surgery Unit of the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome), Michelini (Head of the Vascular Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Service of the San Giuseppe Hospital – Marino ASL Roma6) and Dalla Ragione (of the Todi Territorial Center on Eating Disorders), the biochemists Beccari (University of Perugia), Samaia (University of Milan), analytical chemist Mor, expert in Metabolomics (University of Parma) and bioinformatician Bernini (University of Siena), discussed some preliminary results on the study of anorexic disorders, obesity and lipedema (pathology which is discussed much currently given, however, the discovery by the Working Group, the first gene responsible for the disease for which we are fighting hard for the official inclusion in the Essential Levels of Care).

The young members of the TEAM, admirably coordinated by Matteo Bertelli (President of Magi as well as the true promoter of many of the interesting genetic studies appreciated at international level for the results achieved), have in particular presented studies on some aspects of Mendelian obesity, on the role of certain enzymes on steroid metabolism in adipose tissue, on genetics in the distribution of body fat, on particular and interesting polymorphisms detected in groups of patients with Lipedema, on Mendelian mutations in Lipedema, on the relationship between Lymphedema and obesity, on the study of particular polymorphisms in patients with anorexia, on Mendelian studies on anorexia and on the potential that offers metabolomics in predicting and preventing some evolutions of various types of eating disorders by correcting behavioral and nutritional habits.

In this articulated context we also discussed the possible development of products based on natural molecules for the treatment of Obesity, Lymphedema, Lipedema and Anorexia.

Through the collection of plasma, saliva, hair and, when necessary, urine samples and the biochemical, genetic and bioinformatic analysis of the same, selected from screened patients and recruited by clinicians, it was proposed to obtain an important set of cross-sectional data essential for a better understanding of the diseases under study and for their possible treatment.

And there was no shortage of convivial moments during which, away from the many tables of data projected in the ‘two days’ of work, the considerations of a scientific and technical nature continued in a ‘lighter’ atmosphere.

The studies continue with interest and passion in an atmosphere of great collaboration and positive continuous comparison between clinical and basic sciences,


San Felice del Benaco 29 Maggio 2021

                                                                       Sandro Michelini (Presidente ITALF)