Report on meeting of Tuscan Section of the ITALF


On November 23, 2016, the Tuscan Section of Italian Lymphoedema Framework met at 13 hours, following the regular convocation, at the Phlebological Unit located on the seventh floor of the Siena Hospital.

They are present at the meeting: Giuseppe Botta, Coordinator of the Tuscan Section of the ITALF, Mauro Poggialini, Angela Grassi Pandolfini, Valeria Saviola and Elisa Sallì.


  1. Nomination and acceptance of Elisa Sallì
  2. Scientific activities
  3. Training activities
  4. Miscellaneous

The Professor Joseph Botta, in his functions as Coordinator of the Tuscan Section of the ITALF, thanks first of all those present for their participation in today’s meeting of the Tuscan board.

In the first step the Coordinator shall submit to the Council the biomedical engineer Elisa Sallì, currently responsible of medical and scientific information of the Cizeta Medical Spa company for the Tuscan Region, and demands that the above can join full membership of the board of Tuscan Section of the ITALF. Those present unanimously accept the proposal by the Coordinator, so that Mrs. Elisa Sallì enters from now officially became part of the Council of Tuscan Section of the ITALF.

In the second step the Professor Botta communicates who is organizing the days May 5 and 6, 2017, the 4th Edition of the “Sienese days news in Phlebolymphology.” The scientific programme of the event, to be held at the Hotel Garden of Siena, includes two days, one of which is entirely devoted to the pathology of the lymphatic system and the other more dedicated to the physiopathology and therapy of the varicose disease. At the same time a panel discussion will be held on the diagnostic and therapeutic path of the patients with lymphedema and a theoretical and practical course for nurses and physical therapists on complex decongestive therapy of patients with lymphedema will organised.

About 3° point the board of Tuscan Section agrees to organize within the geographical territory of the Tuscany Region training events and information about lymphedema and pathologies related to the lymphatic system, which will be addressed and dedicated to all health care workers, who are already dealing with or want to start to take care of the patients with diseases of the lymphatic system.

There is nothing else to be treated, the meeting ends at 14.30 hours.

The Secretary of the Tuscan Section

The Coordinator of the Tuscan Section

Angela Grassi Pandolfini                                                                                                        Giuseppe Botta