Report from the Campus of Viggianello 2021


Also in 2021 Viggianello exalts the merits of the ‘Campus’ for patients ‘Lymphoedema Village’.

A small platoon of passionate patients, operators and guests also this year, despite the strong precautions and distances due to COVID19, gave life, in a serene, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, to a Campus more and more exciting and rewarding.

Manila Lebois and Alfredo Leone took care of all the details, with the patronage of Naturalbradel, Cizeta medicali and the moral support of ITALF, and with the collaboration of the physiotherapist Virna Facheris, always committed despite the fact that she just returned from a devastating experience lived, as an operator, at the Hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo because of the Pandemic. The camp took place in the week from July 11 to 18 with ‘base camp’ in the well-known hotel ‘Il Boschetto’.

The rooms used for physical therapy were constantly sanitized with a spray solution containing quaternary ammonium salts, for greater protection of preventive hygiene standards.

As in the other editions, moments dedicated to physical treatment alternated with others dedicated to complementary relaxation techniques (Pilates, pool activities) and with spaces dedicated to physical activity combined with recreational aspects and health tourism (water trekking, walk to the Devil’s Waterfalls, walk in the woods above the country).

Some of the activities were also attended by representatives of the Naturalbradel company, who joined the group spirit that inevitably emerges and predominates in such circumstances.

It is superfluous to mention that the initiative takes on the connotations of a global therapeutic context, outside conventional schemes, in which each patient (12 in the circumstance, of which only two were ‘veterans’ who had participated in previous editions) is able to freely express their thoughts, their anxieties, their desires and ends with a sense of fulfillment for patients and operators in a serene and relaxing environment.

We are preparing for new experiences that next year (with due preliminary planning) we will try to optimize also with the substantial contribution of ITALF, which has always been simply close to the needs of the World of Lymphedema, without conditions and with the usual conviction of working in favor of the quality of life of people.

Thanks again to Manila, Virna and Alfredo and to all those who allowed the realization of the event.

Sandro Michelini

Viggianello 18 Luglio 2021