Regional Day of Awareness on Lymophedema in Puglia


20 Maggio 2017

Hotel Leone di Messapia – LECCE

Lymphedema is a rare disease from which almost half a million people in our country are affected. It is manifested by the enlargement of one or more parts of the lower or upper limbs, or other parts of the body, such as face, genitals, abdomen. It is an alteration of the lymphatic pathways, which fails to drain sufficiently the lymph, causing stagnation of fluid. The cause may be secondary to an oncological operation that has removed lymph nodes, or primary for people who are born with one or more enlarged limbs.

The quality of life of people affected by lymphedema is strictly dependent on the awareness and professionalism of the healthcare professionals who work with these patients. Awareness that, even today, is not equally widespread throughout the country. However, Lymphedema has finally been recognized as an aggravating and disabling disease since September 15, 2016, with the approval by the State-Regions Conference of the Guidelines to the realization of which has also participated SOS Lymphedema, a non-profit organization formed between patients with Lymphedema, their families and medical volunteers who share the path.

On the occasion of the 1st Apulian Lymphedema Awareness Day, besides the Civil Authorities, the General Managers of the Apulian ASLs, family doctors, oncology specialists, vascular specialists, phlebologists, physiatrists and physiotherapists of the various Apulian ASLs and patients members of the organizing associations have been invited.

The guest of particular scientific importance will be Prof. SANDRO MICHELINI, President of the International Society of Lymphology, and coordinator of the Ministerial Commission that drew up the Guidelines on the disease on whose application will provide useful information.


Event Program:

8:30 Attendee Registration.

9:00 Presentation of the conference:

Sandro Michelini, National President ITA.L.F. onlus, President International Society of Lymphology

Daniela Greco, Head of the Lymphedema Outpatient Clinic Lecce, Italy

Franco Forestiere, National President SOSLINFEDEMA onlus, National Vice President ITA.L.F. onlus

Domenico Perrone, Vice-President SOSLINFEDEMA onlus

– Greetings from the Civil Authorities.
– Greetings from the General Managers of the Local Health Authorities of Puglia
– Greeting from the President of the Medical Association of the Province of Lecce
– Greeting from the Provincial Secretary of the Association of Family Physicians.
I SESSION 10:00 Scientific divulgation session:

from neglected pathology
to the recognition in the LEA


– Coffee Break –

II SESSION 11:00 Therapeutic paths in Puglia

11:05 The outpatient clinic for Lymphedema in Lecce: activities and services provided
Dr. Daniela Greco, Physiatrist in charge of the Outpatient Clinic.

11:20 Experiences of Outpatient Clinics for the treatment of Lymphedema in the various ASL of Puglia

dr.ssa Giovanna Coccioli Physiot. ASL Lecce (PDTA – Diagnostic Therapeutic Treatment Paths)
dr.ssa Marzia di Giulio Physiot. ASL Brindisi
dr.ssa Alina Scaringella Physiatrist ASL BAT
dr. (waiting for confirmation) ASL Bari
dr. (waiting for confirmation) ASL Taranto
dr. (waiting for confirmation) ASL Foggia
12:00 Video Demonstration on Decongestant Maneuvers and Bandaging.




Doctors and patients in the Hall will be able to discuss with experts the pathways for the treatment of Lymphedema and the new opportunities introduced by the LEAs.