• first RAL certification for medical compression stockings was created in 1955 in tight cooperation with medical fraternity
  • in 1968 RAL standard was generally introduced in Germany
  • since 1972 only RAL certified compression stockings are reimbursed in Germany
  • current RAL standard dates from January 2008 (RAL-GZ 387/1)
  • in RAL standard the constructive features and the elastic-compressive characteristics of medical compression stockings are determined
  • guarantee of physico-therapeutic, sale medical effect of stockings
  • RAL standard specifies medical compression stockings to be two-way stretch compression hosiery and to belong to one of the four defined compression classes
  • medical compression stockings must guarantee a continuous decrease in pressure from the ankle to proximal (pressure gradient)
  • RAL standard specifies the yarns and material which can be used for producing medical compression stockings, store the compression classes, the sizes for standard size hosiery and the testing methods (system HOSY)
  • RAL standard determines that medical compression stockings have to contain information about the manufacturer, salve the compression class, the size, the type of stocking and the product name and the directions for use
  • requirements for the award of the RAL sign are:

positive initial test of the stocking/the stockings

internal quality assurance by manufacturer

  • yearly testing of already approved products by one of the accredited independent testing institutes