Michael Foldi has left us


Michael Foldi has left us. He did it with great dignity as he had done for a long life dedicated to the relief of the suffering of patients and the formation of a huge number of health workers who today, in the world, spread his experience and are sad for his death. 

I prefer to remember it, on behalf of the many lymphologists who adhere to the International Society of Lymphology, for its extraordinary interest in research and continuous updating.
I remember him, in particular, in Rome, in the Hospital where I work, the San Giovanni Battista, on the podium of the Great Hall (Congress of the European Society of Lymphology in 2005), in one of the last conferences in which I had the pleasure of meeting him (the last one was perhaps the following year at his home, in Hinterzarten), when I had the honor of moderating a scientific session dedicated to the medical therapy of lymphoedema alongside him. He reminded me of his first experiences with benzopyrones and their effect on the contractility of the thoracic duct. He agreed with what I had just presented on the combined use of several molecules, combined with each other, of benzopyrones, which associated have a much greater clinical effect than if taken individually. At the end of the session, giving me some written sheets, he told me ‘keep Sandro, this is a job for your Journal!’ (the European Journal of Lymphology). 

He was an “essential” man and, at the same time, highly authoritative. 

I do not want remember you the prestigious positions in all the main national and international scientific societies of the discipline, nor the important scientific and didactic production that He has been going on for decades. I like to remember him as one of the Fathers of world Lymphology, a great Clinician, a great Man!

Thank you Michael: our knowledge today owes much to You!

                                                                                                Sandro Michelini

   President of International Society of Lymphology