We report the article on lipedema published in VanityFair magazine, in which our president was interviewed.

Fat legs, it’s not always the fault of food. What if it’s lipedema?

Lipedema is a rare genetic disease that affects women and causes degeneration of adipose tissue that is difficult to eliminate with diets, exercise and traditional cosmetic surgery. Awareness of this condition can open doors to research and appropriate treatments

June is the month of awareness on lipedema, a genetic disease that affects mainly women and that is often confused with other diseases, for example obesity or lymphedema. In fact, the LIO, Lipedema Italia onlus, wanted to focus attention precisely on the word “awareness,” a good starting point to nurture knowledge.

“Many people present all the symptoms of this disease that affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue, but also the connective tissue, the muscular fascia and the lymphatic and vascular system, but do not know they have lipedema.

A pathology that is still little known even by specialists and this leads to a late diagnosis and therapies that can worsen the problem,” says Dr. Sandro Michelini, angiologist and president of the Italian Lymphoedema Framework, the Italian extension of the International Lymphoedema Framework, one of the most important and accredited international scientific societies in the field of lymphatic pathologies. “It is important to talk about lipedema in order to increase knowledge about the pathology and thus ensure the right treatments.” Medical care that also involves psychological support, because a pathology like this, does not only affect the legs but above all the self-esteem.